Top 5 Best Love and Romantic Tamil Short Films Ever

Tamil cinema has a long history of producing some of the most beautiful and emotionally resonant love stories. In recent years, the popularity of short films has skyrocketed, and Tamil filmmakers have taken advantage of this medium to create some truly stunning romantic tales. Here are some of the top romantic love short films that you should never miss out.

  1. Yeno Vaanilai Maaruthey (2017)

Yeno Vaanilai Maruthey, a pilot film, presents a heart-warming love story with high-quality standards. Although the storyline may seem familiar, YVM captivates its audience with its enchanting moments, compelling dialogues, and powerful performances. The main character, Karthik, shares his first love story with his daughter and with us in parallel, creating an intriguing sense of anticipation about the outcome of his initial romantic experience. This suspenseful element adds to the overall appeal of YVM.

2. Love in 12 hours (2018)

Love in 12 Hours is a unique heart melting romantic short film. The movie is set at an airport where Arjun, a collegemate unknown to Yathra, proposes to her in the presence of their family. However, time is running out since Yathra is scheduled to fly overseas for her wedding. Can Arjun demonstrate his love for her before it’s too late? This movie is highly recommended if you are a fan of love movies.

3. Kadhal Ondru Kanden (2020)

In the 21st century, women are still unsafe and face murders and acid attacks for rejecting proposals. Kadhal Ondru Kanden is a short film that explores this issue, with a storyline about a man throwing acid on a woman who rejected his proposal. First half involves more love and romance. Second half of the film depicts the pain of the convict’s family who lose a family member but still support the punishment. This movie is an eye opener for the current generation.¬†

4. Mudhal Kanave (2015)

Mudhal Kanave is a heartfelt and emotional short film with great acting by Vignesh Karthick and Mythili. The first 20 minutes are joyful and cheerful, but the next 12 minutes are a contrast with a heavy message. The direction, camera work, and background music are all well-done, and the unexpected climax is heart-touching. The proposal scene is particularly well-done and emotionally powerful. The ending is heart-wrenching and made most people cry. Overall, it’s a great short film about true love.

5. 14 Days of Love (2021)

14 Days of Love is a tamil dubbed malayalm short film which portrays a unique love story that blossomed during quarantine amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It features Unni Lalu and Nayana Elsa, who met by chance in a taxi and eventually fell in love during their 14-day quarantine. The film’s beautiful visuals and song offer a refreshing experience, making it one of the most popular Malayalam shorts in recent times. We recommed¬† you to watch the malayalam version if you are comfortable to watch with subtitles.

Overall, Tamil short films have emerged as an exciting platform for filmmakers to showcase their talent and explore various themes and subjects. The films mentioned above are just a few examples of the great work being produced in the Tamil short film industry. With the increasing popularity of short films, it is exciting to see what new stories and themes will emerge in the future. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend checking out these top 5 Tamil short films and experiencing their powerful storytelling for yourself.