Top 5 Best Underrated Tamil Horror Thriller Movies

Tamil cinema has produced some fantastic horror thriller movies over the years that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Even though some Tamil horror thriller movies have received proper recognition, there are hidden gems that have gone unnoticed. Here are the top five underrated Tamil horror thriller movies that will pump your heartbeat.

1. Baby (2015) - Watch Now

IMDb.  7.9 | Duration.  2h 40m

Baby is a Tamil horror thriller movie directed by D. Suresh. The film revolves around the story of Aditi, a young girl living in a multi-storied apartment with her mother Shakthi, who is separated from her husband Shiva. The movie takes a unique twist as Aditi develops a friendship with an invisible character which she calls “Anne.” Initially, Shakthi thought it as a psychological issue, but soon realizes that her daughter is possessed by something supernatural. The unfolding things makes the remainder of the story.

IMDb.  7 | Duration.  2h

Demonte Colony is a Tamil horror thriller film directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu starring Arulnithi in the lead role. The story revolves around four friends who stays in a small shared room. They wanted to do something adventurous and visits a haunted bungalow where one of them steals a necklace. The supernatural events that unfold makes the remainder of the story.

3. Aaaah (2014) - Watch Now

IMDb.  4.9 | Duration.  2h 18m

Aaaah, directed by two directors Hareesh Narayan and K. Hari Shankar revolves around three friends who reunite at a college reunion. During this event, one of their friends challenges to show him a proof for existence of ghost. If they do so, he will give away half his wealth to their friends which is around Rs.60 Crore. So, they accept the challenge and goes for a ghost hunt. The movie has an interesting plot which was spoiled by average acting and dialogue delivery. espite this, Aaaah remains worth watching for its engaging storyline and unique concept.

IMDb.  5.6 | Duration.  1h 40m

Diya is a horror thriller movie directed by A.L.Vijay which delivers a beautiful message. Tulasi (Sai Pallavi) and Krishna ( Naga Shourya) are schoolmates who engage in premarital sex which leads to Tulasi’s pregnancy. When their parents come to know, they are forced to undergo abortion. After a few years, the couple gets married and moves to an apartment. However, they soon realize that their aborted child’s spirit haunts the house, seeking vengeance for the abortion. The movie delves into the supernatural events that occur as the child’s spirit takes revenge on those responsible.

IMDb.  6.3 | Duration.  1h 37m

Kalam is a Tamil horror film directed by Robert Raaj. A man acquires a bungalow through illegal means and transfers its ownership to his son Gautham. Gautham along with his wife Priya and her daughter who returns from US stays at that bungalow. As they settle into their new home, they begin to experience supernatural events within the house. Soon they come to know that the bungalow is haunted by the spirit of Zamindar scion who committed suicide there. The remaining story unfolds as they go deeper into the dark secrets surrounding the bungalow and the spirit’s intentions.

Tamil cinema has delivered some outstanding horror thriller films over the years. While most of the movies are received well by the audience, these five movies are some of the best underrated gems of this genre. If you are a fan of horror thriller movies, make sure to add these to your watchlist.