Top 5 Movies That Will Make You Fall In Love With Mollywood

Mollywood, the Malayalam film industry, has been producing some of the most thought-provoking, heartwarming, and memorable movies in Indian cinema. With its unique storytelling, realistic cinema, and strong character portrayals, Mollywood has made a name for itself as a must-watch for movie lovers.

Here are my top five picks for films that will make you fall in love with Mollywood:

1. Charlie - Watch Now

A romantic drama film, Charlie is a heartwarming story about a young girl named Tessa, who is in search of a mysterious man named Charlie. The film is a journey of self-discovery, as Tessa embarks on an adventure to find Charlie and discovers the hidden stories behind his art. With its brilliant performances, stunning visuals, and soulful music, Charlie is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good romance.

A gripping drama film, Ayyapanum Koshiyum is a story about two men – Ayyappan, a retired havildar, and Koshy, a wealthy businessman. The film explores the power dynamics between the two men and their conflicting ideologies. With its intense performances, powerful dialogues, and stunning cinematography, Ayyapanum Koshiyum is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good drama.

A coming-of-age drama film, Kumbalangi Nights is a story about four brothers living in the fishing village of Kumbalangi. The film explores their relationships, struggles, and conflicts with each other and the outside world. With its realistic portrayal of village life, brilliant performances, and stunning visuals, Kumbalangi Nights is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good coming-of-age drama.

A touching family drama film, Home is a story about a family living in a remote village in Kerala. The film explores the themes of love, loss, and redemption, as the family members come together to overcome their personal struggles. With its beautiful performances, breathtaking visuals, and heartfelt storytelling, Home is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good family drama.

The plot of the story revolves around two police officers stationed at a remote wireless police station on a hilltop. They embark on a mission to unravel the mystery surrounding a woman’s dismembered body parts scattered across Elaveezhapoonchira.

In conclusion, Mollywood has produced some of the finest films in Indian cinema, showcasing its rich and diverse cinema. These films are a testament to the brilliance of Mollywood’s filmmakers, actors, and storytellers, taking you on a journey of love, life, and emotions. So, sit back, relax, and let these films make you fall in love with Mollywood.